Practice being patient when growing your passive income

woman overlooking water - practicing being patient - the limitless artist

The magic ingredient for passive income is time. It takes time to find the right people, build its foundation, and create sales.

If you’re just starting out on your journey, you may feel eager to see immediate results. You may feel impatient. However, just as you wouldn't expect a freshly planted seed to sprout the next day or even within a week, you need to let the magic unfold naturally. All you can do is tend to it with care without fussing over it. When you constantly hover over your seedling, you block out the nourishing sun.

That being said, growing your passive income won't always feel slow. There will be times when the conditions are just right and it flourishes quickly and beautifully. However, keep in mind that these occurrences happen less frequently. I won't say they are rare because that makes it sound like they can only happen once in a blue moon, but they also won't happen with every new form of passive income.

So practice patience, my friend, because impatience prevents your dreams from fully taking flight.

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