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thriving art business

that supports the ebbs and flows of your life & creativity

Diversifying income with passive revenue streams is a gentle way for introverted and highly-sensitive artists, like you, to expand their business without sacrificing the things that matter most.

If the traditional method of selling your art online is leaving you feeling exhausted, stressed, and uninspired, and you're longing to slow down and take a breather without having to worry about money... then you're in the right place

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Practice being patient when growing your passive income

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Hi, I'm patricia


I’m Patricia Vargas,  an introverted digital artist who has been selling colorful artwork online since 2013 under the name Parima Studio.

Just like you, I started this journey with a longing to spend my days in the studio, creating art and getting paid for doing what I love.

However, as time went on, I discovered how draining running an online business can be on the mind and soul. The rigid cycle of creating and promoting left me burnt out. I knew something needed to change.

Through many trials, I found a way to create a thriving business that not only allowed me to focus on my true passion - making art - but also generated passive income by leveraging the expertise of others. By partnering with talented individuals and companies, I reclaimed my sacred time and energy.

Now I'm showing you how you can do the same.